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I'm an apocalyptic enabler

pegasus galaxy
lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, delu-- eeh!

am well over 18. early years may (imperfect memory-erasure) have included paisley, corduroy skirts, and orange shag carpet.

Hi! If I thought to friend you I'm probably just using it to stalk your thinky thoughts, because I liked some of them in your meta or a comment conversation somewhere and I'm worried I might miss more of them -- since my fic fixes, those I usually get from newsletter or noticeboard or genrefinders or storyfinders. But I continue to be really bad at leaving feedback on things I read. Conclusion: friending -- erratic brain is erratic (also easily overwhelmed by prospect of following more than a dozen comms+people).

Should you be interested in snagging one of the not-so-expertly made icons that says "mea culpa" feel free, but do please credit me. Thanks.