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When stories disappear - back again

I've posted about this before, but thanks to debris_k calling it out, the topic has been brought to the forefront of my mind again.

Someone wants to set up a community specifically for the sharing of deleted stories. Okay, it says "There would be rules. Rules against post[ing] a fic where you KNOW[*see footnote] the author doesn't want it posted" -- but there seems to be a view that if an author hasn't explicitly said somewhere (pretty public or easy to find?) they don't want their no-longer-online fic shared it's considered fair game.

To throw my two cents in with danceswithgary's statement, please, no. Collapse )

Relevant background links
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Ficwriting resource for all your LOLcat crossovers

...which the world needs more of. Or at least, I'd appreciate more.

Yes, just like my undissipated longing for The IT Crowd/The Big Bang Theory crossover fic featuring Moss/Sheldon (or Moss & Sheldon friendship or, heck, Roy/Penny and Jen/Leonard), I would really really like there to be (or to be pointed towards!) more well-written LOLcat crossover fic.
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Draft copy for SGA_Guide's McShep page, feedback welcome!

Hi/help! For the new community sga_guide, The Alternative Guide to SGA Fandom (see the comm userinfo, the announcement at sga_noticeboard, and my previous post for more about the comm), I volunteered to draft a page of especially McShep-focused resources. If you're willing to join the comm and leave feedback on the post there, where the active discussion thus far is taking place (draft posts are currently members-locked, but there's a poll up on that at the comm), that would fantastic, but if you see it and want to give input here that is most welcome too. Thanks! Collapse )

SGA Guide excitement

In the last few days, my (Newer) SGA Fic Readers Guide has sparked discussion in a few places about the prevalence of McShep-focused resources in the fandom. (My guide does include a lot of links to McShep-focused resources, but it also includes many to non-McShep ones. However, if you're a reader who prefers to avoid the McShep pairing, I can see that it would not be the most useful guide for you.)

The upshot, which is wonderful and exciting, is that there's a project underway to create a whole slew of Guides to SGA Fanworks (which I suspect will also be less heavily fic-focused than mine, as a hardcore reader, is) that focus on a range of different genres -- gen, and many, many different pairings that aren't McShep, and character-focused intro pages and more.

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SGA quick insta-rec: Homework and Fieldwork

Two of my favorite SGA writers have together created a lovely little series -- one story and a remix is two parts is a(n incipient) series, right? -- which, well, if I were greedy I'd say begs for more, but -- and here's where I get to the point -- is also instantly on my mental list of "favorite x-type stories" for various things.*

Quick! Go read
Homework by busaikko (Ronon/John, ~1000 words)
and the remix
Fieldwork by rheanna (Ronon/John ~3200 words)

*those things being, among others:
Awesome Dave Sheppard-POV and Ronon-POV and bits of tasty backstory. Why Ronon decides to learn English. ranting!Rodney who is a true friend. The sense of acceptance and community and family, and just oh yum, all of it.

Valentine's Day Recs

Long, romantic, and feelgood, for your February 14 reading pleasure -- a very few selected stories. From (surprise!) several fandoms. Still, leading off with... ♥ ♥ ♥  Collapse )

In case you're not familiar with the canon sources for the (crossed-over/fused with) fandoms for these stories -- don't worry! In several cases, neither was I. :)

A few I've seen or read a bunch of, but for others I've only watched 2 or 3 episodes, for some I've seen just a trailer or a fanvid or two, and for a few I looked up the source on wikipedia -- after reading the fic. They were still all highly readable, enjoyable stories.

ETA: I just stumbled across a reccing comm that looks like it was made for meee, epic_recs, which focuses on longer, well-written stories (in a variety of fandoms, handy now that I've branched out a bit from SGA). At least one of my favorite reccers from over at sgagenrefinders recs there regularly, so now I'm just sorry I didn't find the comm earlier in my fic-reading! They have a bunch of Harlequin-type recs up this week (and several of the stories in this post have been recced there), so if you want more longer, well-written (romance or not) stories, go check out epic_recs. :)

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When stories disappear...

In recent weeks and months, I've seen stories by several SGA writers get friendslocked or taken offline entirely. In a very few cases, I've had comment- or PM-conversations with those writers. Usually me telling them -- very belatedly -- about my enjoyment of the stories and asking if sharing the stories would still be okay.

Fic writers have many reasons for taking stories down -- from offline and online life inadvertently crossing streams to RL concerns to disagreements to no longer feeling comfortable with a topic they wrote about or with a fandom-related online presence, or anything under the sun.

Whatever the writer's reason, they wrote the words and have the right to do with them what they want or need to. Collapse )

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* Or got a free copy of it because the author Creative Commonsed it or handed out free copies in another fashion because they want people to share their work.

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fake requests at sgastoryfinders -- funny, but with a sour aftertaste...

It's no secret that I love sgastoryfinders and sgagenrefinders. A lot. In the year-plus I've been reading SGA fanfic, these two comms have helped me find many awesomely good, awesomely funny, and awesomely bad stories to read.

Seeing, in a (ETA, now deleted) post at sgastoryfinders (ETA: there's a new admin-sanctioned post for comm members on the topic) the implication that someone had been posting fake requests for stories they believed did not exist was startling -- and annoying.

Upon reflection and after seeing the confession-post (ETA, now locked) -- where I commented with a shorter and more typo-riddled version of this -- here's why it feels problematic to me: Collapse )