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skaredykat recs

I've dipped my toe a tiny bit in the waters of "real" reccing (as opposed to more casually recommending stories in replies at the wonderful sgagenrefinders comm), mainly by posting some recs over at sgversetop5 and in a few posts in this journal. If anyone's curious, here's the consolidated linkage for their whereabouts:

*Update* August 2012 Have a link that will show all the recs I've made over at [community profile] fancake. Mostly though not all SGA.

And some of my recs are in bookmarks at AO3, especially (so far) ones for which No Canon Knowledge Is Required. The rec sets those bookmarks came from are also here at my LJ. Various fandoms.

*New* April 2011 From the sga_kinkmeme/[community profile] sga_kinkmeme, Two quick awesome!Jennifer recs.

March 2011 quick insta-rec for two great flavors that go great together.

February 2011 A handful of Valentine's Day Recs (longer feelgood romance fics) in several fandoms.

My 5 favorite SGA unicorn stories, over at sgversetop5, all McShep. Because... um, no science fiction fandom is complete without great unicorn stories?
I am naturally hoping that (someday) someone qualified in those fandoms will add their top 5 SG-1 and SGU unicorn stories to the comm....

My 5 favorite SGA & SG-1 Really Most Sincerely Dead stories, over at sgversetop5, mostly slash. For the times you want to read something really sad, or something that's sad and uplifting at the same time.
Plus, one that I hadn't read at the time -- how did I miss this?:
I Got Soul But I'm Not A Soldier by minervacat, ~13,800 words. Rodney dies, prosaically, of a heart attack. John pretends he's not going to pieces and then starts picking them up.

My 5 favorite SGA/something else crossovers, over at sgversetop5, various pairings. Because stories where the SGA characters wander into a completely different fictional reality are so cool.

My 5 favorite SGA/something else fusions, over at sgversetop5, all McShep. I love stories where our more-or-less intrepid heroes were born into a different fandom's universe just as much as ones where they cross over partway into the story.

My skaredykat loves rec post. Far from comprehensive, but each link offers just one example I love of some of the many things I love in this fandom.

My (Newer) SGA fic readers guide includes some recs. With the exception of a very few, they're mostly for non-McShep stories, for a change.

And although it's not a true rec post but rather a themed one, my Were you looking for that story where...? post does include a lot of personal favorites...