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OTW - love and frustration

I continue to love the Organization for Transformative Works.

The AO3 keeps providing me with entertaining things to read. I keep wanting to draw sparkly hearts around various parts of Fanlore and Fanlore editors.

Despite my feeling that if an author purposely and consciously tries to remove a fanwork from the interwebs -- though I wish they wouldn't and would orphan it (AO3 love!) instead -- it is uncool to make it obvious and centralized that you're still passing it around, I love the Open Doors project and recentish OTW news about working on saving and incorporating at-risk online archives.

(I consider that posting a fanwork on an archive you don't manage yourself gives implicit permission for re-archiving your work on a successor archive designated by the original archive's controller(s) for continuity purposes, as long as that successor archive does not drastically change ToS such as from non-commercial to commercial, does allow a way for individual authors to maintain or reacquire editing status for their works (up to and including deletion though again I wish they wouldn't), and does not permit multiple re-archivings to non-specifically designated successor archives. But this is a tangent, so back to OTW.)

I enjoy some of the TWC symposium posts. I deeply approve of the lobbying and advocating for fanworks, their legitimacy, and related topics by the Legal Committee and org spokespersons, and like the Vidding project.

I believe in the core goals of the org, stated as "established by fans to serve the interests of fans by providing access to and preserving the history of fanworks and fan culture in its myriad forms. We believe that fanworks are transformative and that transformative works are legitimate" at the What We Believe page.

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What's In A Board?

The OTW board election has become really contentious. Which sucks for the people involved, is turning up some issues that sound like they'd be really good to address, and seems to be getting some bystanders excited about servings of Schadenfreude pie.

Whatever happens during the remainder of this election season and after it, I (yes, very biased perspective here) hope that everyone involved and the majority of bystanders, including ones who didn't know much about the OTW before, will continue or start to support the OTW and its projects -- whether by using its projects like the AO3 and Fanlore, or working on them, or by sending in a few bucks if they can -- as I think they're really valuable and important to fandom.

The idea of an organization that is not-for-profit, for fans, and done/run by fans, and is committed to advocacy about fandom, fanworks, and their importance -- it's hard for me to see how that mission could be a bad thing for any part of fandom.

Even if the execution is -- as is normal -- imperfect.

And even if the, in my mind, excellent side effect of getting more women involved in technology and software development may be having, well, as I said above, some issues. (Of interest: the last three links are all to posts by the same person.)


My somewhat off-the-cuff thoughts on what in practical terms it would be good for the OTW board to look like: Collapse )


Last and on a tangent: one other thing I'd like to see the next board, no matter who's elected, work on or make a plan for: streamlining.

It sounds as though over the years of the OTW's existence, some of the procedures for onboarding (and offboarding) volunteers of all kinds and the tools in use and the number of meetings in various parts of the org have undergone a lot of creep and not enough winnowing.

Tightening this up so the tools and procedures and meetings deemed the most useful by the most people get saved and used and newly adopted if they aren't in use yet, and the ones deemed rather less useful by more people (no matter how loved by some) get streamlined away from use seems like a good idea for much of the org. Especially if repeated every other year or so.


I hope/think I'm done vastly teal deer writing about this topic.

OTW members who are eligible to vote in this election who happen to see this, please do vote for four candidates of your choice.

As for me, I've offered to volunteer and hope I'll hear back sometime after the election, I'll be sending in $ to become a Real Voting Member for next time (and to help support projects I love and admire), and I anticipate that the org will come out of this contentious election with renewed strength and resolution to work on its goals as effectively as possible.


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if I could give lim kudos I'd give her a thousand

As [personal profile] facetofcathy points out, anger or unhappiness about the rollout of the AO3's new skins should not be directed at [personal profile] lim. (Or at AO3 support.)

The way the rollout happened wasn't great.

Aspects of the negative response have felt... very unpleasant and disproportionate and misdirected and poorly handled and really really fucking sad. Lim is not perfect, the OTW board candidate who was as far as I can tell from the outside directly supervising her on the skins project and on the rollout isn't perfect and the people who are unhappy and angry in various forums are also sure as hell not perfect.

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OTW election crossfire

It's election season for the OTW and there's a lot of talk about the org and its projects. And apparently a lot of unhappiness.

I didn't become a paid-up member in time to vote during this election. I'm not a volunteer (yet).

But I'm an avid user of the Archive of Our Own who also really loves Fanlore. And I very much believe in the parent org's goals and other projects; the legal advocacy, the Journal, Open Doors, etc.

Despite what a recent spate of unhappy outpourings says about the difficulty of getting heard as a volunteer or staffer or user by the people making decisions and certain seemingly large (but in my opinion not insurmountable) problems with how decisions are currently made at the OTW, if I had a vote, I would vote for Naomi Novik and (if her seat were up, which it isn't) Francesca Coppa in this election.

Not because what I've read makes me think they're unarguably doing the most fantastic jobs possible as a board candidate or board member.

But because: Collapse )

The less teal deer version:

I hope that every single member of the OTW's next board, no matter who is voted in, will challenge themselves to be insanely great -- about listening to, taking into consideration, and constructively using feedback from users, members, volunteers, staffers, other board members; adherents and naysayers and Devil's Advocates.

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